Simply Massage – Covid 19

Massage therapists in Wales may be allowed back to work from 27th July. I will not be taking any bookings until we get the green light.

Once back to work I will have to change some of the ways I usually operate. I have undertaken a thorough Risk Assessment following guidelines from the GCMT. I have used my risk assessment along with guidance from the Federation of Holistic Therapists and Government Guidelines to formulate the following COVID-19 Policy. The guidance may change as the Covid19 situation develops and I will adapt and amend the policy accordingly.

The policy will be in place to help ensure the safety of my clients and myself. I want to assure you all that I will be taking the utmost care and precautions to prevent the spread of Covid19.

It would help if you could read through the policy prior to booking an appointment or coming to see me so that you are familiar with expectations from me and you, the client. It also details the hygiene measures I will be taking and how appointments will now work.

If you have any questions or are worried about anything please feel free to contact me for a chat.

Simply Massage – Covid 19 Policy

If you have an appointment booked with me:

  • If I feel unwell or experience any symptoms at all I will contact you as early as possible to let you know and defer your treatment for the relative period of time outlined by the government at that time.
  • I will contact you approximately 24hrs prior to your treatment to check if you have any symptoms and if your temperature is normal.
  • I will email you a Covid-19 specific questionnaire prior to your appointment. If you are categorised as High Risk I won’t be able to treat you. If you are Medium risk and we decide the benefits of treatment outweigh the risks I will require you to get permission from your GP or Healthcare provider. This can be verbal but I will need written and signed confirmation from you that you have gained permission prior to treatment.
  • I may be asked to release your details by the NHS track and trace service, if necessary.
  • Please shower before you come for your treatment and come directly here ie. don’t go shopping and then come here.
  • Please wear a mask. I will also wear a mask and visor. I will also wear nitryl disposable gloves.
  • I will be sticking strictly to treatment times ie. If you have an hour booked you will be here for an hour start to finish. This will minimise contact time. More time will be needed than usual between clients to disinfect and ventilate the treatment room and deal with laundry and changing clothes. This will also prevent clients bumping into each other on their way in and out.
  • Please arrive as close as possible to your appointment time and wait in the car, I will come out and get you. Please leave bags and coats in your car if possible. Instead of entering through the front door I will now ask all clients to come around to the back of the house and enter directly via the treatment room door.
  • It would be preferable for clients to use the toilet at home before coming here but if use of the toilet is required you are welcome to use the downstairs bathroom, entering via the back door rather than walking through the house. I will provide antiviral/antibacterial wipes, soap and paper towels.
  • I will provide 65% alcohol hand gel in a pump dispenser and will ask you to cleanse your hands with it when you enter and leave the treatment room, I will do the same.
  • The treatment room will be less visually pleasing and comfortable for the time being. Minimising surfaces that can be touched and removing as many soft furnishings as possible will make disinfecting everything easier and therefore the environment will be safer. The usual client chair will be replaced with a plastic garden chair that can be disinfected between clients. Plastic, lidded boxes will be provided to store shoes and clothing during treatment and these will be disinfected between clients. The treatment room carpet will be covered with heavy duty plastic protective film that can be disinfected between clients.
  • I will be following recommended guidelines for hygiene between clients – my massage couch will be covered with a non-porous pvc cover. On top of the pvc cover there will be an additional cotton cover and then disposable couch roll on top of this for you to lay on. Rolled up towels will be used instead of bolsters. Pillows will be covered with waterproof pillow protectors that can be disinfected and a cotton cover that will be laundered between clients. Following treatment the couch roll will be appropriately disposed of (in a lined pedal bin and stored in a sealed bag for 72hrs before disposing of) and all linen will be carefully bagged up and then washed at a high temperature then tumble dried. The treatment room will be well ventilated between clients and during treatment if it’s not too cold. I will be changing my therapy tops/t-shirts between clients.

I have a checklist of items to be sanitised with Barbicide disinfectant solution between each client. I have taken and passed the Barbicide specific Covid19 training course:

  • Door handles to treatment room and toilet (if used), light switches, window sills.
  • Client chair, my chair, pen, music equipment, diffuser, lotion bottle.
  • PVC massage table covers.
  • Toilet area will be disinfected thoroughly.

  • Please bring your own bottle of water.
  • I also ask that clients come on their own at this time. If a lift is required, I respectfully ask that the driver waits in the car.
  • Payment by bank transfer at this time is preferable but if you prefer to pay by cash please bring the correct amount in an envelope.