– What sort of oil do you use?

I use Physique massage lotion for all my massages. I find the lotion superb to work with, it provides enough ‘slip’ for the massage movements to be comfortable but enables me to work more deeply than with a conventional massage oil. It is perfume free and suitable for the most sensitive skin, it leaves your skin beautifully moisturised and not greasy. Feedback from my regular clients has been really good for this product.

– Are there any reasons why I can’t be massaged?

Yes, if you have a fever or have any contagious conditions I cannot massage you as treatment would be contra-indicated. I also wouldn’t massage you if you know you are pregnant and are at less than 12 weeks gestation. Some conditions such as diabetes, recent surgery, unstable blood presure, epilepsy and cancer will require permission from your GP before I can massage you. It is therefore best to mention anything you think may be an issue when you book your appointment.

– What will happen during my appointment?

If it’s your first visit, I’ll complete a consultation with you prior to treatment. I’ll ask you details about your health and lifestyle and assess your posture and range of movement if necessary. This enables me to formulate a treatment plan specific to your needs. 

When we’re ready to start your massage I’ll go and wash my hands giving you privacy to undress and make yourself comfortable on the massage couch covered by a towel. I will always knock or ask if you’re ready before I come back into the room.

I will only ever uncover the body part that I’m massaging to protect your modesty and to keep you warm. If you are having a full body massage I will tell you beforehand which way to lie and the order in which I’ll work so there are no surprises. 

You’re free to chat during your massage but most people prefer to lie quietly and just enjoy the treatment, either is fine. I will check whether the pressure I’m using is ok for you, if something is wrong – for instance you are too hot/cold or you don’t like a certain body part being massaged please just tell me and I can adapt the treatment to suit, please don’t suffer in silence! Also, please don’t be embarrassed if you fall asleep during the treatment, this is not unusual and is a compliment to any therapist!

I will tell you when the treatment is over and leave you to get up slowly, dress and come out when you’re ready.

– How can I pay?

You can pay me by cash or cheque payable to S Phillips, before or following your treatment. I cannot accept card payments at present